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Senior Research Analyst @ Nansen

I joined nansen.ai in July 2021. Started out with the Attribution team working on Coinbase heuristics, and then then moved to the NFT squad, as the first engineer on the squad, to develop the NFT dashboards you see at Nansen. After building up a team of excellent engineers and analysts for the NFT squad, I am now back in Attribution as the Research sub-team lead in 2022.

Perpetual Powers of Tau Coordinator

In early 2020, I started working with Wei Jie as a coordinator for the perpetual powers of tau (PPOT) ceremony. It is a multi-party trusted setup done by the Semaphore team and is supported by the Ethereum Foundation. The setup securely generates zk-SNARK parameters for circuits of up to 2^28 constraints. The PPOT repository resides here. You can also read more about the ceremony here.

Cyber Security Researcher @ Uppsala Security

In late 2018, I found work in Sentinel Protocol (later rebranded to Uppsala Security) as a cyber security researcher. That said, my day-to-day was a lot more development work than actually research. Stuff I did:

  • Investigate scams/hacks when they happen.
  • Sometimes write articles about it.
  • Built Crypto Analysis Transaction Visualisation – a web application to visualise on-chain transactions in a network form, so analysts and clients can determine the flow and source/destination addresses of fraudulent funds, or you could just stalk addresses with it (why not). It is linked to the Threat Reputation Database, so any annotations, tags, blacklist, whitelist information will be tagged to the nodes (addresses) in the graph accordingly. Built using React + Django.
  • Built Summary Wallet Analysis Profiling – a report generating application that provides analytics on the activity of any specific Ethereum token. It profiles every single address that has transacted that token, and provides an individual report on each address, in addition to the overview report. Also linked to Threat Reputation Database, so any information from the database will be marked in the reports automatically, especially those that are flagged in the database. Token projects can use these reports as part of their KYC/AML process.

I worked for a year, and left at the end of 2019.

ICO Community Manager & BD @ Blockfolks

In late 2017 to early 2018, a couple of friends started a blockchain community management and advisory firm for ICOs during the ICO boom period, and I hopped on doing business development and also was a community manager for some of our clients.